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This is a beta version. If you're not scared, download my DDS Viewer, Version 0.663a (429 kB). Press F1 to see the controls. You can drag an image file from windows explorer onto the viewer to view it as well. (For starters, run ddsview.exe and press 'r' to register it as the default app for all supported formats).

Runs on Win9x - WinXP. Views all types of images (jpg, png, bmp, tif, pcx, tga, gif, xpm, pnm, hdr, ..., and - of course - dds). You may also save the viewed images in some formats (bmp, png, jpg, dds, tga, ...). I have to admit that the linux port is not so high on my to do list anymore, because until now I got not a single linux-version-demanding mail... So if you want a linux port, tell me ;-) Additionally, kio has quite good dds support, so if you need a dds viewer for linux, you can try kuickview.

Here's the source code (55 kB) of the viewer. It is very messy, so don't take it as an example for good clean code ;-) Still, there's quite a lot of information about win32 programming in it by now (common dialogs, common controls, drag and drop, registry functions, ...). You need the DevIL library CVS version to build it (get an unofficial precompiled version here - the dlls are included in the DDS Viewer package). There are also libs for gcc here (header files are in the other zip). The source will probably undergo heavy changes when/if it is ported to linux.

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